Let’s Unwind


it is I your favorite stranger.

I have an explanation for where I’ve been but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. It will happen eventually but please be nice <3


But I wanted to get on here and talk about some random shit.

I just took a Lit Life Yoga class last night and IT ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. We wore noise canceling headphones so my mind demons didn’t ruin my practice FOR ONCE!!!! I had an emosh moment toward the end in shavasanah (idk if I spelled that correctly) where I really really really missed my best friend, Tay. She’s my lovely little hawaiian butterfly and I miss her so dearly. We used to go to yoga together every week and I knew she would’ve loved this class. The bomb ass teacher came around with essential oil infused cold towels and did some facial massage jazz and I ate that shit up. so good. The oil was doterra breathe and I’m currently amazon priming 7 million bottles.


Also, Valentines Day. I weirdly LOVE it. pun fully intended. I love my girly stuff but I’m definitely not a frilly girly girl. My style is exactly my favorite youtuber’s style @katy on instagram. But something about V-Day just makes me so giddy. Call me old-fashioned but I love an excuse to have a date night with my man. Where I can get a little extra dressed up, maybe wear some red lipstick, put on a dress (I normally HATE dresses), maybe get some roses, and go to dinner or have him cook for me. I think it makes me really happy dedicating a day to love. I’m so corny, sappy, romantic, cheesy, you name it!!!! I die at cute little notes or random acts of love so you give me a whole day for? YES PLEASE.


That being said, I have no idea what me and the boyf are going to do but I’ll keep you updated.


I just had an idea. Bare with me. What if every once in a while or after every-ish post I write down things I’m thinking about, admiring, want to buy, etc.? Could be cool?


Curiosities maybe? See what I did there?



  1. losing weight/body image (obsessing over @gracefituk). Spring break is around the corner and I want to feel confident so I’m werking on this.
  2. Cuffedbynano. 
  3. The impossible burger/veggie burgers
  4. I’m in a rut with my makeup lately so there’s that.
  5. Hoodies hoodies hoodies
  6. drinking more water…why can’t I get myself to do it lol
  7. glossier skin care
  8. need a cropped puffer jacket
  9. gymshark
  10. this amazing sweater


I’m all over the place. And I mean that literally as I am currently laying on my apartment floor trying to stretch to get my splits. Why you may ask? Because. Um. I don’t know hahaha I’ve never had them and I just want to see if I can finally get them.


What’re your curiosities?


talk soon.



delaney rae


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