Are You Bored?

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I came across this LED sign on Etsy as I’m doing a lil shopping for my new flat. okay apartment but flat is what british people say and i just wanna be british OK?????


it kinda,




how do i say this


it mindfucked me

i love a good thought provoking question but this one threw me for a loop.

Am I bored right now? Am I bored of my outfit? Am I bored of my usual lunch choices? what is making me bored?

It led me into this whole slew of questions. I compared my current state of being to one, two, three years ago and damn. I am not fucking bored at all.

I think life is about making memories

The person who said this to me means a lot to me. They’re that special kind of human that can make ‘boring’ or mundane tasks the most fun part of my day. Because it’s about memories.


This past summer I did a lot of welcome and not so welcome self-discovery. I realized what I DO NOT WANT AT ALL IN LIFE and everything I feel I want and deserve in every aspect of my life. And the moment I stopped doing things just to please other people, life stopped seeming like a constant stream of tedious repetition. Boredom. Annoyance. Bothersome.


Memories. Those are my priority. And the good kind that is.


Next time you feel bored I challenge you to question the action thats making you bored. Boring homework assignment? Think about it as a stepping stone to your dream job where you can make happy MEMORIES. Now I’m not stupid and think that studying political science should be the most fun fucking part of your day because believe me it is NOT. But just keeping things in perspective and remembering your goals can make it a TIIIIINNNNYYYYY bit less shitty.


So no, I am not bored. But thanks for asking.



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